Hey everyone, my name’s Spencer. I’m with Vibrant Management. You can check us out at thevibrantteam.com. Today I’m gonna be sharing with you three ways that you can use the new chat tool chat, g p t to grow your boutique hotel, your short-term rental business, or your vacation rentals. Unless you’ve been living in Iraq, you absolutely have heard about Chat GPT.

It is a project that was made by OpenAI Chat. GPT is the world’s first open AI that is free to use for the public. You can create an account at chat.openai.com. This tool is absolutely amazing and can do nearly anything. It has a couple program features that prevent it from doing anything crazy. You can’t ask it to hack something, but you can get a lot of data and a lot of information from it.

Number one, you can use chat GPT to write about anything, and here is how:


Transforming Your Hotel’s Online Presence with Chat GPT’s Writing Capabilities

First you go to chat.open ai.com, and you give chat GPT a prompt for your hotel.

A lot of your writing is going to be blog-based or articles that are going to go on your website or newsletters or something that you’re going to hand out in a brochure in the lobby or something that’s gonna be in-room collateral that the guests are going to engage with. And you can tell them exactly that you speak to this AI as if it was a human.

So, for example, if I were going to have it write a blog, I would tell Chat GPT to write a blog that is written to be read by people staying at my hotel. My hotel is called “insert the name of your hotel”. We are a 21-room property located in Lehi, Utah. The thing that sets us apart is we are only a 20-minute drive to Zion National Park. We’re on the side of luxury. We have a wedding venue; there’s an e-bike rental location not far from us. There’s a great coffee house next door. Things that are unique about your property give us some information as if you’re talking to an actual copywriter.

Once you’ve given it sufficient information about what you want it to write, about who you are, and what type of value proposition you have, then give it a little bit more data. When you have a website that’s optimized, typically, you know what your website keywords are, so give it those keywords as well and then just push enter and watch Chat GPT do its thing. It will start writing in front of you. In fact, you can even tell how long you want it to be. You can tell Chat GPT, write me 10 paragraphs, write me 20 paragraphs, or write me five paragraphs.

Whatever the length needs to be, you can give it a word count. That’s the cool part about it is it is built to obey. So if you wanted to write an article about how you are a lodge in Banff, Canada and how the moose population is returning, and you can see them from your hotel room in August, you can tell it to do that.

And I just pulled that out of thin air right off the top of my head. I would schedule one of these or have someone on your team do this at least biweekly. It takes no more than five minutes to come up with what you want to write about. Give it to Chat GPT and maybe one minute for the AI to actually write the program.


Maximizing Guest Satisfaction with Chat GPT’s Customer Service Expertise

Number two, Chat GPT is excellent at customer service. Every hotel has a Trip Advisor review that comes up that they don’t like an email from a frustrated customer, someone who’s chatting over Whistle that is mad, and Chat GPT can reply to these.

Now, I wouldn’t put all the replies solely in the hand of an AI. I don’t know if it’s that far along yet, but what you can do is take a Trip Advisor review that you don’t want or don’t like or even want to reply to give it to Chat GPT. So just copy and paste, put it in there, and then right after it, do a shift and enter, which implies to the program that you are giving it more information. 

I would say, help me write three different responses to this Trip Advisor review. Here are the things that they got wrong or incorrect, or I need help phrasing and positioning to make us sound right. Just push enter, and it will come up with three different variations of a response. Then you obviously don’t have to use those three variations, but you now have multiple roadmaps and new ideas on how to reply to this guest interaction.

The same thing can be said with emails. If you get an email from someone who’s frustrated, upset, or mad about whatever, you can give Chat GPT that email and then ask it. How would you reply to this email? Give me three examples. You can say 10 examples. You can say two examples, however many you want, but you can ask for examples. And that is what is so cool about this thing you can have it do literally whatever you want.


Revolutionizing Your Hotel’s Social Media Presence with Chat GPT

The third thing that Chat GPT can do to help grow your hotel is it can help with your social media. We actually use this for these videos, and here’s a great example. If you’re going to publish a reel or picture or a YouTube video or a LinkedIn post or whatever, you can go to Chat GPT.

You can’t give it your creative yet, so it doesn’t have the ability to read your video or your picture, but you can describe your post. For example, when I post this video, I will tell Chat GPT I am making a video for hotel owners that includes three tips on how to use Chat GPT for their hotel. I will tell it the tips, and it will write a YouTube description for me.

You can do the same thing for your Instagram. You can ask it to create three different ideas or five different ideas for Instagram copy or an Instagram ad or whatever it is that you’re putting. Tell it the idea of the post, what the picture looks like, and how it feels, and it will come up with captions and posts for you. This is so nice because everyone comes up with some type of creative block, some type of writer’s block.

There’s always something where you put your head on the pillow a night, and you think, dang it, I should have posted on Instagram. Well, now Chat GPT can basically do it for you. All you need to do is make the creative.


The Art of Visual Storytelling: Using Dall-E to Enhance Your Hotel’s Branding and Messaging

One other thing I would look into is looking into another tool by open ai, which is called Dall-E. Dall-E is a photo tool that you can say, draw a dog flying on a magic carpet over New York City in a blizzard, and it will draw this for you. Now, that doesn’t have much relevance to you, but what you can do is say, draw guests at the front desk of the Cliffrose Lodge and Gardens in Zion National Park, smiling, having a great day, and a red Corvette is parked out front. It will draw this for you.

Now, some of them might look a little funny, but you can still put it on your Instagram and say, I asked AI to draw a picture of my hotel, and this is what we got. And that is a big trend right now.

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What are you using open AI for? What are you using Chat jpt for? Let us know in the comments. Thanks everyone.