Millennial Marketing Trends You Need To Know

Millennial Marketing Trends You Need To Know

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The high end of the millennial generation has now reached their late thirties. The younger part of the generation is nearing their mid-twenties. Which means that most are in the swing of their careers with money to spend. And studies show that the majority of millennials are choosing to spend some of that money to travel.

GlobalData took a look at millennial travel trends and found that 62 percent will take between 2 and 5 vacations this year. More than 95 percent will travel at least once. If you want to cash in on this growing market of eager adventure-seekers, you need to know how to attract them to your business. Keep reading to learn the marketing trends you’ll need to know for 2020.

Millennials are Extremely Eco-Conscious

A growing number of travelers of all ages are beginning to demand eco-friendly moves from the businesses that they frequent. But millennials continue to lead the way. More than 56 percent of millennials openly express concern about the environment and climate change. Want to draw them in and make them loyal customers? You need to show them that you are equally concerned.

How you choose to do this will depend on your individual business. From paper straws in restaurants to hotels recycling and going plastic-free, little moves make a big difference in the eyes of millennials.

Most Millennials are Well-Educated

Thanks to an increase in access to education during their younger years, millennials are more educated than their parents’ or grandparents’ generations. As a result, they expect more from web content than other generations might.

When you’re creating blog copy or newsletters for your business, make sure that the information is high-quality, unique, and useful. It needs to answer questions your customers might have or offer advice they can actually use, as opposed to simple fluff that you can find anywhere else on the web.

Millennials Want Adventures

Forget the traditional bus tours or predictable roadside attractions. Millennials are out for a rush.

They’ve already demonstrated that they aren’t eager to follow in the footsteps of previous generations. They eschew the constraints of a nine-to-five office job in favor of flexible workspaces and remote options. They’re waiting to get married and having children later than any previous age group. Even their choice of housing has shifted from the norm, with tiny houses and micro-apartments on the rise.

So it should come as no surprise that they want a different kind of vacation as well. You can expect a higher demand for adventure and for organic experiences.

Younger Generations are Attached to Social Media

This marketing trend reaches beyond millennials into younger generations as well. An eagerness to share their experiences with their followers drives them to snap photos and seek out “Insta-worthy” shots around the clock. Your marketing needs to not only support this but engage with it as well.

Whether it’s utilizing social media-inspired photos in ads or making sure that your location or products are great for snapping perfect shots, you want to show your younger customers that you’re eager to help them get those likes and shares they so crave.

Get Mobile to Get Views

If you want your online marketing tactics to have maximum effect, you need to make sure that they’re optimized for viewing on mobile devices. Millennials are leading the mobile pack. But consumers of all ages are increasingly using their mobile devices more so than any other tech to access the internet. In fact, more than 70 percent of all internet access is on mobile devices. That number is expected to rise to 80 percent by the end of the year.

When it comes to driving consumers to local businesses, mobile devices lead the way, with most customers using the internet to search for local businesses before stopping in to shop.

Get to the Point Quick to Keep Millennials’ Attention Spans

When it comes to designing your social media marketing, you need to keep it short and sweet if you want to hold on to the attention of millennials. With short attention spans and an influx of information already fighting for that attention, you have a small window to get your message across before they move on. Short-form content like list cycles and videos are best, as are eye-catching photos and punchy captions.

Connecting with Millennials

If you’re looking to make waves with millennials, these marketing trends can help. But with trends shifting daily, it’s always important to look ahead if you want to continue to connect with your target audience. Check out these trends next to learn what’s coming in 2020.

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