We Have Utah in Mind


Southern Utah Tourism Summit

The time has come to rally together and focus on our region’s needs, capabilities, direction and compelling offerings of intrigue and interest.

We are propelled to offer and promote a space for collective engagement, learning and joining forces. This will allow us to gain broader perspectives and spark best-case scenarios for our visitors’ experiences, our economy, our resources and our way of life in Southern Utah. Our intended efforts contribute toward elevating and supporting regional connectivity and practices.

An annual tourism summit in Southern Utah gives us the opportunity to collaborate and build bridges of connectivity within our region and with the Utah Office of Tourism and Utah Tourism Industry Association. We want to assist in informing our private sector of state tourism efforts as well as create a dedicated place for conversation, camaraderie and driven comprehension on behalf of Southern Utah’s tourism industry.

By refining our vision, increasing efficiency with our communication channels and following through with improved implementations, we can offer a significant addition to the overall bigger tourism picture for Utah.