Property Spotlight: Five Petals Spa

Property Spotlight: Five Petals Spa

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As a destination travel management company, we manage far more than just hotels, vacation rentals, and resorts. At Vibrant Management, we put our skills to work helping a variety of types of tourism-related businesses build their brand, hone their marketing, and expand their business.

This year, our Utah hospitality branding agency is proud to introduce one of our most unique clients. Five Petals Spa is a luxurious full-service spa located in the beautiful Cliffrose Lodge, in the heart of Springdale, Utah. One of Southern Utah’s premier spa properties, Five Petals Spa is a destination for tourists and locals looking to relax and unwind in the shadow of Zion’s peak.

Planning a visit to Zion National Park, or looking to learn more about how Vibrant Management helps properties like Five Petals Spa? Keep reading to learn more about this unique destination.

Five Petals Spa

Five Petals Spa is located in historic Cliffrose Lodge, which is situated on the edge of the stunning Virgin River. Open to hotel guests and the public, the spa offers a variety of massages and facials. The interior of the spa is bright and luxurious, with plenty of natural light and windows that offer a peak at the resort’s stunning grounds. In addition to the spa’s treatment rooms, there are also plenty of quiet places to relax. The beautifully manicured botanical gardens of Cliffrose Lodge, coupled with the views of Zion’s peaks and the Virgin River, make the outdoor relaxation area of the spa a must-see. 

Massage Services 

Five Petals Spa offers a variety of luxury spa services. Some of their most popular options are their Signature Massages. If you’re short on time but want to squeeze in some relaxation and rejuvenation before heading to Zion for a hike, you’re in luck. Their 30 Minute Five Petals Mini Massage is short on time, but with a big impact. You can customize this treatment to target any problem areas you have or let your specialist concentrate on muscles that commonly need attention, like your neck, back, and shoulders. Looking to plan a full day of self-care? You can also customize a 90 Minute massage. 

Their Zion Essentials Massage, available in 60 and 90-minute treatments, is the perfect way to celebrate a visit to one of the world’s most beautiful national parks. Inspired by the park, you’ll enjoy the relaxing sensation of oils raining down on your spine, much like the water dripping from the edge of Weeping Rock in Zion National Park. Hot towels are used to help the oils seep into your skin. Between the massage, the aromatherapy of the oils, and the effects of the hot towels, you’ll let go of stress, reduce inflammation, and reach a state of utter bliss.

Five Petals Spa’s Signature Facials

In addition to massages, Five Petals Spa also offers a variety of Signature Facials. As with the massages, there are options for those short on time. Their 30 Minute Sea of Life Mini-Facial is a personalized treatment that includes a cleansing, followed by a restorative mask. This mask offers gentle resurfacing that leaves your skin brightened, and helps you let go of tension in your neck, face, and jaw.

Five Petals Spa’s 60 and 90 Minute Sea of Life Facials are personalized treatments that also start with a cleansing and a restorative mask. While your mask works its magic, you’ll enjoy a therapeutic shoulder, scalp, neck, and facial massage, designed to not only help you unwind but also to glow,  inside and out.

How Our Destination Travel Management Company Can Help Your Business

Our destination travel management company thrives on helping clients realize their goals—and then exceed them! Whether you want to develop your brand, refresh your website, or jumpstart your marketing, Vibrant Management can help.

We specialize in helping unique properties and companies in the tourism industry. The experts at Vibrant start by identifying what makes your property or company so special. We’ll work with you to narrow any problem areas, and develop effective solutions and strategies to overcome them. 

Whether you’re looking to update your website to make the booking process easier, better target your marketing to reach new customers and clients or need to revamp the way that you manage your finances, we’re here to help. We even offer full operational management. As the owner, you can focus on other projects or spend more time with your family while we manage your business.

From boutique properties in Southern Utah, to all-inclusive fishing resorts in remote British Columbia, to luxury skincare companies in Hawaii, our portfolio is constantly expanding. The secret behind our success? Our incredible team! Click here to learn more about the individuals behind Vibrant Management.

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