Should You Be Investing in Boutique Hotel Video Marketing

Should You Be Investing in Boutique Hotel Video Marketing

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Just a few decades ago, guests hoping to book a stay at a hotel would call the property on the phone to schedule a reservation. Finding a property to stay at usually meant flipping through travel books, or maybe going through a travel agent. Arriving at the property was often a surprise, beyond a photo or two of the hotel or motel lobby or perhaps a room. 

Times have certainly changed. Today, nearly 90 percent of guests visit a hotel’s website before they make a reservation. This means that a hotel’s website and any marketing contained there, is the property’s best chance at landing a reservation. With the ease of scanning through Google or travel sites to search for hotels, this also means that competition is fiercer than ever before.

Beyond a beautiful website, what else can you do to help your property stand out? Boutique hotel video marketing may be the answer.

Hotel video marketing relies on the growing trend toward video marketing and video-based social media platforms. It offers a quick way to showcase your property’s best features, from its stunning views to its luxurious rooms and amenities. 

Is it time for your property to invest in boutique hotel video marketing from Vibrant Management? Keep reading to learn more.

Your Guests’ Brains Process Video Faster

There’s research to back our society’s growing passion for visual content, and particularly video content. The short-form videos of TikTok and Instagram reels are a direct result of our natural ability to process visual content faster than text. In fact, research suggests that our brains process visuals around 60,000 times faster than we do text-based content.

Google Analytics tells us that the average web surfer will stay on a website for less than 15 seconds. This means that you have only that much time to grab their attention and keep them on your site long enough to book their first — or their next — stay.

Because it takes so much longer for our brains to process text-based content, a homepage filled with text might not be enough to capture guest attention spans in that 15 seconds. But a video or other visual content can help with that!

Hotel Video Marketing Paves the Way for an Emotional Connection

Another big benefit of boutique hotel video marketing is the chance to establish an emotional connection with your guests. Booking a unique luxury property is all about the experience. If guests were simply looking for a place to sleep for the night, they’d likely turn to chain hotel or motel properties. Instead, they’re looking for an experience they won’t find at your average Holiday Inn.

What does your property have to offer that others don’t? What kinds of memories can guests expect to make during their stay? This comes down to your hotel or other property’s branding, style, and any unique amenities that you have to offer. And you can not only quickly showcase these through hotel video marketing, but also showcase how they can make guests feel.

Whether your resort offers a relaxing, luxurious experience great for relaxing, or a more exciting, adrenaline-junky-type experience, you can establish an emotional connection through video marketing that’s tough to express through text or even still images alone. But even still images can stand out and increase conversions if they’re high quality — research shows that hotels with high-quality images land 15 percent more bookings than those with low-quality or no images.

Video Content Build Trust

Building trust with future and existing guests is one big key to increasing bookings. That’s why more than 80 percent of people look at reviews before booking a hotel stay. Encouraging reviews from happy guests can help to ensure that future guests have reviews to check. But there are other ways to establish trust directly through your website.

Unlike staged images of your hotel rooms or resort amenities, video content, and even marketing content, often feels more authentic and less edited to guests. This can work alongside reviews to encourage trust in guests before they book with you.

Investing in Boutique Hotel Video Marketing

Investing in boutique hotel video marketing is multifold. Not only can you use it on your hotel or resort’s website, but you can also use it across any social media platforms that you’re a part of, making it an even more worthwhile investment.

At Vibrant Management, we’re always on the lookout to help our properties stand out from the crowd. Whether that’s with a stellar website, a more developed and focused brand, a new logo, or some targeted SEO, we’re here to help with our boutique marketing and management services

Ready to learn more about how our boutique hotel video marketing and other services can help your property stand out and increase conversions? Contact us today to schedule a consultation!

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