Tourism Trends Making Waves and 2019 [And Some to Watch for in 2020]

Tourism Trends Making Waves and 2019 [And Some to Watch for in 2020]

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With the internet spreading trends faster than ever, what’s popular and what’s not seems to change every day. For businesses, and especially those in the tourism sector, that means making constant, small changes to keep up with demand. Here are just a few of the trends making waves in 2019, including some that are likely to stick around into 2020.

Influencers Continue to Make Waves

It’s no secret that influencers have been spurring spending in the tourism sector since not long after Instagram rolled out. Since then, the practice of influencers trading everything from nights in hotels to all-inclusive, luxury vacations for a few sponsored posts has been met with mixed feelings.

Some tourist destinations have seen an undeniable boost. Locales that were once little-known are now experiencing a boom. Unfortunately that isn’t always a positive thing. It has led to crowding and even the destruction of landmarks.

But whether positive or not, the popularity of influencers is set to continue through the end of this year and into the next. Your business doesn’t have to start trading with influencers. Simply offering Instagram-worthy backdrops or honing your company’s own social media presence can still help you cash in on this trend.

Families are Traveling Longer

Perhaps also spurred by the Instagram-travel craze is this next trend. Families are increasingly taking extended holidays together. Gone are the days of trying to squeeze in a beach vacation on spring break or a quick road trip during the summer months when national parks are crowded. Now, some families are now taking time off of work or even switching to remote work. Then, they’re pulling kids from schools in favor of online or homeschool options, and hitting the road.

Dubbed “unschoolers,” these families are sometimes embarking on so-called “family gap years.” Others are even making a permanent switch to a nomadic lifestyle. Some travel in RVs while others take a more traditional route. Often, they’re looking for educational opportunities on the road. Or they search for ways to help their little ones see a world they couldn’t if they were on a more traditional path. Offering long-term stays, the amenities of home, and educational opportunities on-site are all ways to make this trend work for your business.

Hotels and Homeware Stores Combine

One trend that no one saw coming is the emergence of hotels launched by popular homeware companies. Stores like West Elm and international brands like are opening hotels that showcase their products. And of course, give guests a chance to buy what they like.

This trend may seem useless to existing hotels. But it does showcase an interest among consumers to try products before they buy. Hotels that offer luxurious sheets, spa-worthy toiletries, or other in-room amenities might consider offering them for-sale to guests. That way they can take a piece of their vacation home with them.

Ditch the Leftovers

Move over foodies, there’s a new master in the kitchen. While you’ll still find lines outside of restaurants catering to foodie-flare, you’ll also see an increased demand for restaurants to reduce waste wherever possible. From cutting back on food waste by offering smaller portions to eliminating takeout boxes, forward-thinking travelers are increasingly expecting restaurants, hotels, and other businesses to go eco-friendly wherever possible.

Home Rentals Rival Hotels for Groups

Vacation home rentals were once a bit of a hard sell. Unlike hotels, which were often curated into travel books or could be easily found in a phone book, before the internet, finding a home to rent often came down to word-of-mouth. Sites like AirBnb and HomeAway have changed that. Now, families and even groups of friends are increasingly opting for vacation home rentals when they travel. Some are looking for cost-effectiveness. Others want a private retreat where they can relax with their friends and family without worrying about contending with strangers for a spot in the lobby.

This trend has spurred another one; the existence of a market for high-end, luxury home rentals. Hotel brands are even cashing in, with Marriott launching their “Tribute Portfolio,” a selection of luxury private home rentals in cities like London, Paris, and Rome. These offer vacationers with large pocketbooks the ability to ensure the same quality and consistency they expect from luxury hotel brands, but in a vacation home setting.

Solo Travelers Demand Co-Living Spaces

Solo traveling is another trend that is continuing to grow in popularity. But one shift that is occuring is a demand for co-living opportunities around the world. Solo travelers have previously opted for AirBnbs and hostels. Both offer security and cost-savings for the brave, young world traveler. But now, a demand for more elevated options that don’t sacrifice the social aspect of a hostel are leading to the development of co-living spaces.

Keeping Up With the Latest Trends

Whether your business is constantly looking to cash in on the latest trends or sticking to the tried-and-true classics, it’s always a good idea to stay up-to-date on what’s in. Let us help you stay current on the latest web trends. Check out our team and learn more today!

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