What Travelers Are Looking For In Hotels In 2020

What Travelers Are Looking For In Hotels In 2020

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The new year is here, and with it comes small shifts in the mindset and demands of consumers. For hotels, resorts, and vacation rentals, keeping rooms full and vacationers happy means paying attention to changing trends.

Keep reading to learn a few things that travelers are looking for in the places they stay in 2020.

Ways to Lessen Their Impact

We as a nation are becoming more environmentally conscious. So it should come as no surprise that travelers are demanding the same from the businesses that they frequent.

Hotels and resorts can take a variety of efforts to reduce their impact. From little changes, like opting for refillable shampoo bottles over travel sizes to major upgrades like adding electric vehicle changes, guests are noticing and appreciating these initiatives.

In one study by Booking.com, researchers found that vacationers are also seeking ways to make travel itself more environmentally-friendly. This study also found that 55 percent of global travelers are more determined to make sustainable travel choices than they were just a year ago.

Zion National Park and Springdale are already ahead on this trend, with the shuttle systems providing visitors with a more eco-friendly way to explore the park. Fewer cars fighting for parking means that Zion will stay just as beautiful for future generations. Many hotels in Springdale are located close to the shuttle loop. This allows visitors to leave their cars in the parking lots. It’s a simple, sustainable option for eco-friendly travelers.

Unique Spaces

In the 1950s and 60s, a growing economy sparked the love of an all-American road trip. Alongside this trend came a boom in the motel industry. By 1964, the number of roadside motels in the U.S. peaked at around 61,000. Because they were brand new and chains were rare, many of these motels offered unique rooms and styles.

But as hotels replaced these motels and chains began to emerge, uniformity became the norm. Travelers came to prefer the predictability of booking a standard room. They expected to get the same room whether they rented it in New York or New Orleans.

Now, that trend is beginning to shift once again. Many vacationers are now interested in learning about the unique culture of the regions they visit. They want locally-inspired designs that help them feel immersed in the places they travel to. With Airbnbs now expanding the idea of what an overnight rental looks like, hotels and resorts also need to diversify their options with unique designs and styles. It doesn’t hurt if these spaces are Instagram-worthy either!

The Amenities of Home

This is another 2020 hotel trend that’s at least partially spurred by the rise of vacation rentals. Many travelers now want the amenities of home, like a full kitchen and a living space.

There are several reasons why these amenities are so popular. One is that many vacationers, and especially families, continue to look for ways to save some money while traveling. The ability to cook a few meals can be a huge benefit for families.

As for living spaces, many vacationers are now bringing the whole family along, from grandparents to grandchildren to extended family members. This can make it tough to go-go-go during the vacation, prompting a desire for ways to spend time at the hotel or vacation rental. A living room space, with a TV for movie nights or a table to play card games, might just be the thing that wins over family vacationers.

The Ability to Work on the Go

Americans are increasingly demanding the ability to work remotely. In fact, more than 4.7 million employees, or just over 3 percent of the workforce, now work from home for at least half of the year. Another 16 million Americans are self-employed, with many of them working remotely or traveling with great flexibility.

With this rise of remote work and self-employment comes the need for some travelers to check in or get some work done while they’re on the go. While most just need a laptop to get the job done, the option for a dedicated work space can be a huge asset to some travelers. This might be the perk that convinces them to extend their vacation or to come back often throughout the year.

While a dedicated workspace is a perk for working travelers, WiFi is an absolute must. Unless you’re running a wellness retreat that puts an emphasis on disconnecting, offering internet is a modern amenity that travelers can’t do without.

Changing Your Strategy in 2020

Whether your hotel or resort is ready for a remodel in 2020 or just a few small adjustments to keep up with the times, these trends can help you better target what today’s travelers are looking for.

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